If you have a great idea that you want to or have recently turned into a good, service, or a company, you need a trademark. Before you get too far along in any startup or invention process, it is crucial that you trademark your good or service.

Trademarking means establishing the right for you to use a distinguishing factor, such as a name, logo, product shape, symbol or phrase, to identify your goods or services. It is with a trademark that you are allowed to legally set your product or service apart from others selling similar goods or services, and thus offers more protection from theft of intellectual property. Once you establish a trademark, though, you must also keep your guard up and stay protected from others trying to steal your trademark.

With our help, you can register and guard your trademark and keep imposters from taking credit for your talent. There is nothing worse than someone trying to steal something that you worked hard towards. Be proud of what you built and trademark it with the help of our legal insight.

If you are seeking representation for trademark law matters or if you need assistance trademarking your company or next big idea, don’t wait around. It’s time to call Farrah I. Ahmed, PLLC and let us help you.


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