Family-Based Immigration

The immigration laws in the United States can often be confusing and those who have family members still back in their country of origin often do not know where to turn to help their spouses, parents, and children travel to the United States legally.

What is Family Immigration?

Under the law, those who have become naturalized citizens or permanent residents are in the United States legally may sponsor certain family members to come and join them.

When an immigrant has become a US citizen, they may sponsor certain family members: (i) spouse, (ii) unmarried children under the age of 21, (iii) unmarried children age 21 or older, (iv) married children of any age, (v) siblings (you must be 21 years-old or older to sponsor), and (vi) your parent(s) (you must be 21 years-old or older to sponsor).

If you are a lawful permanent resident  of the United State, you can sponsor the following family members: (i) your spouse, (ii) unmarried children under the age of 21, and (iii) unmarried children age 21 or older.

Why An Attorney is Necessary?

Because of the complexity of the forms required to sponsor a family member, any mistakes can mean you will have to appeal a decision of denial or start the process all over from the beginning. These mistakes not only put an additional burden on your family members waiting to join you but can also cause financial difficulties and significant delays.

When you work with an attorney who understands family immigration policies and the processes associated with immigration, your chances of succeeding increase. Our goal is to always exceed your expectations and ensure that you get the representation and assistance you need.

An immigration attorney can help you prepare your family petition, ensure all documents are in order, and make sure that all subsequent deadlines are met thereby avoiding delays in your request.

If you are interested in helping your family come to the United States, Farrah I. Ahmed, PLLC can help you with the entire family-based petition that will be necessary. You do not have to undertake this task on your own; use our contact form or call us today at 469-644-2658.


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