Business Disputes & Commercial Litigation

Attorney Farrah Ahmed provides tenacious representation in business and commercial disputes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and throughout Texas. Farrah has secured judgments or dismissed lawsuits at trial or before trial through motions for summary judgment or motions for default judgment. We handle a broad range of business and commercial litigation involving:

  • Business divorces and business disputes
  • Breach of contract and quantum meruit
  • Disputes between shareholders, members, and partners
  • Purchase agreements
  • Employer-employee disputes
  • Fraud actions
  • Texas Deceptive Trade Practice Act (DTPA)
  • Debt collection lawsuits, including vehicle repossessions (sequestrations)
  • Post-judgment collections (garnishments, foreign judgments, turnovers)
  • Unfair competition and other business torts
  • Trade secret protection
  • Breach of fiduciary duties
  • Premises liability
  • Landlord-tenant disputes (i.e., commercial and residential leases, assignments, and subleases, security deposits, and evictions)
  • Personal injury cases
  • Franchises
  • Conversion
  • Covenants of non-solicitation and non-competition
  • Governing disputes of mosques

Businesses & Industries We Have Represented

We have represented restaurants, cafes, and delis, franchisors, franchisees, landlords, tenants, automobile lenders, convenient stores, gas stations, clinics and medical practices, e-cigarettes and vape/vapor shops (retailers and wholesalers), furniture stores, beauty salons, automotive repair and mechanic shops, contractors, construction companies, and wholesalers.

If you want to file or are involved in a lawsuit, we are here to protect your rights and interests. Contact us online or by telephone at 214-614-7928 to arrange a consultation with an experienced business and commercial litigation lawyer.

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