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Business Disputes & Commercial Litigation

Business law, also known as commercial law, can range among a variety of factors that you as a business owner or employer should know about. Generally, the area of business law applies to the rights and conducts of those active in commerce, trade, sales or merchandising. It is important to understand your own rights as someone engaging in this area, as there can be many discrepancies to these rights. You might not be aware of these discrepancies, and that’s where a skilled litigator like Farrah Ahmed comes into play.
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Debt Collections

Whether you money or are owed money, Farrah Ahmed can consult with you on legal and equitable remedies, and what assets are and are not collectible in Texas. Farrah is experienced in seizing assets to satisfy judgments, including vehicle repossession (sequestrations) and garnishments, and negotiating repayment plans.
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Family-Based Immigration

The immigration laws in the United States can often be confusing and those who have family members still back in their country of origin often do not know where to turn to help their spouses, parents, and children travel to the United States legally. If you are interested in helping your family come to the United States, Farrah I. Ahmed, PLLC can help you with the entire family-based petition that will be necessary. You do not have to undertake this task on your own; use our contact form or call us today at 469-644-2658.
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Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Farrah has helped many landlords and tenants in commercial and residential leases. Disputes between landlords and tenant can take many forms. It includes potential eviction, non-performance of repairs, non-payment of rent, and injuries on premise. When navigating a dispute with a landlord or tenant, it’s important to know the terms of the rental agreement in place, and both sides should attempt to uphold their agreement duties while protecting their interests allowed by landlord tenant law. Farrah is experienced in landlord-tenant law and has successfully handled issues on both sides of the table.
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Business Law & Business Organizations

Farrah I. Ahmed, PLLC provides litigation expertise to individuals and businesses. Our litigation department represents clients in various types of litigation: corporate, commercial, contracts, construction, torts (e.g., accidents, premises liability, general personal injury, tortious interference), trade secrets, business disputes, consumer protection, and injunctions.
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If you have a great idea that you want to or have recently turned into a good, service, or a company, you need a trademark. Before you get too far along in any startup or invention process, it is crucial that you trademark your good or service. If you are seeking representation for trademark law matters or if you need assistance trademarking your company or next big idea, don’t wait around. It’s time to call Farrah I. Ahmed, PLLC and let us help you.
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